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This Page Will Be For All The Results From Every Event That Happens Each Month At the Suicidal Arena. There Are Also News On Here From What Is Happening In The Company And All Updates From Events, And Wrestlers.

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MXW 2013 Update!

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Well MXW Fans The Behining Of 2013 Isn't Looking So Great Since Colorado Is A Pussy Bitch With Its Weather Changes Everyday It Seems And Snowy Weather Isn't Good For A Wrestling Ring So That's Why There's Nothing Going On With Matches. Once The Weather Can Get Better Which Better Be Soon MXW Will Have Its Videos And Everything Going Again And This Time We Are Serious When We Get Back In The Ring No Playing Around Or Crying About Anything MXW Is Coming Back And Its Going To Be Stronger Than Anything You Have Ever Seen Before So Be Prepared For Evolution In Colorado! Once Its Better You Will Find Out About It Here Or On The MXW FaceBook Pages.

News On Mile-High Xtreme Wrestling Federation

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Well Now Thats Its The End Of 2012 Its gonna Be A New Year In  2013 And We Will Be On the Return A High Returning For MXW So Were Going To Begin A New Again This Coming Year Were Going To Get Everything Up And Running Again With Everything From Our Youtube Videos Of TerrorZone Tvs, And Behind The Scenes Of MXW And Some Documentaries of MXW Wrestlers To Our Soical Media Networks (FaceBook,Twitter, And Tout) Plus We Will Have Our BlogTalk Radio Up And Runnng Again So Check Out Our Sites Fr Eveything We Have To Get The Up To News On Everything Going On Within MXW 2013.If anyone Knows Someone That Like Wrestling And Wants To Be Apart Of A Company MXW Is The Place To Join With Everything Being FREE.

Spring Wild Results

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MXW Spring Wild March 19th, 2011 Was The Spring Show For MXW. We Began Spring Wild With XJ Kahos MXW World Title Celebration In Which He Had Informed Everyone That He Created A Juggalo Fraction With Two Members Hektik And Dante. After Introducing His Members His First And Former Tag Team Partner Came Out To Wonder Why XJ Is Doing This. XJ Told Ravage And Said That Ravage Was Not On His Level Anymore So Now Theres A Match Between Them Tonight And The Special Reffere For That Match Was Picked By XJ Himself Which Was Hektick And Also At Over-Ruled Judgement April 2nd For The MXW World Title.

Our First Match Of The Night Was Adrain Blaqueheart Against SX Rocker. These Two Put On A Good Match With Adrain Hitting Rocker With A Superplex From The Top Turnbuckle. In the End Adrian Picked Up The Win With An Amazing Indy Kick To Rockers Head.

The Next Match Was A Strap On A Pole Match With Warehouse Warrior Against Hektick. Warehouse Had The Momentum In The Beginning And Got The Strap Off The Pole And Started To Whip Hektick When Dante And XJ Came To His Rescue And They Teamed Up And Hektick Whipped Warehouse The Three Ran Out The Ring When SX Rocker And Ravage Came To Warehouse Warrior’s Rescue.

Our Next Match Was A Hardcore Match For The Xtreme Championship With Ares Being The Xtreme Champ Against Dante. Ares Music Hits But He Didn’t Come Out And Dante Was Attacking Ares In The Back And Dante Got A Pinfall And Became Xtreme Champ When He Ran To The Ring Ares Soon Followed And They Started To Have Their Scheduled Match. Dante Had Ares Most The Match But In the End Ares Hit The Harvest On Dante To Win Back The Xtreme Title.

The Next Match Was Nightmare Vs. Relentless In A Submission Match. They Had Lots Of High-Flying Action With Lots Of Kicks From Relentless. Relentless Hit A Lionsault On Nightmare And Tried To Go For A Pin But Forgot That It Was A Submission Match And The Only Way To Win Was To Make Your Opponent Tap. Towards The End Nightmare Hit What Seemed To Be Called “The Cop Killa” And Locked In A “Anaconda Vise Grip” And Relentless Had No Choice But To Submit.

The Main Event Was XJ Khaos Vs. Ravage With The Special Guest Referee XJ’s Choice Hektick. This Match Was Indeed A Very Short Match. Every time Ravage Would Go For A Pin The Reff Would Not Notice It Until It Was To Late To Get A Pinfall. In The End Ravage Was In A Sleeper By XJ When Ravage Hit XJ With A Jawbreaker Which The Reff Checked XJ And Appeared To Give Him Something. XJ Rose Up And Knocked Ravage Out With Brass Knuckles And Hektick Made The Fast Three Count Giving XJ The Win.


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The March 5th Show For MXW Was MXWMANIA Which Was The Biggest Event For MXW.


The Show Started Off With A Battle Royal Which Was For A Special Prize For The Winner Of The Battle Royal. All MXW Wrestlers Were Apart Of This With New Wrestlers Except XJ Kahos And Nightmare. There Were New Wrestlers Including: Relentless, Dante, And Former ABW Wrestlers Adrain Blaqueheart And Tricky Stycks. The Winner Of This Battle Royal Was None Other Than XJ Kahos Tag Team Partner Ravage. Afterwards The GM Of MXW Came Out And Announced That What Ravage Was Rewarded For The Battle Royal And It Was A #1 Contendership For The MXW World Championship At Over-Ruled Judgment Next Month.


Our Next Match Was For The MXW Tag Team Championship SX Rocker And Warehouse Warrior Are The Tag Team Champions And There Opponents Were None Other Than Adrain Blaqueheart And Tricky Stycks Second Heartbeat. There Seemed To Be A Problem With Warehouse And Rocker From The Battle Royal SX Rocker Eliminated His Own Tag Partner But In The Match They Worked It Out. These Two Teams Showed What They Had But In The End Warehouse Picked Up The Win And Rocker Celebrated As If He Picked Up The Win His Self.


Next Was A Hardcore Match For The Vacant MXW Xtreme Title Between Ares And Ravage. This Match Was Indeed A Hardcore Match They Started In The Ring But Ended Outside The Ring. They Use Everything They Could Get There Hands On, Ares Head Butted Ravage With A Lighttube, They Set Up Tables And Ares From The Apron Flipped Onto Ravage Through A Table And Ares Got The Three Count To Become The New MXW Xtreme Title.


The Two New Wrestlers Had There First Match Against Each Other Relentless Vs. Dante . There Match Had Some High-Flying And Lots Of Kicks In The End Relentless Picked Up The Win.


The Colorado Springs Former ABW Wrestlers Wrestled Each Other Adrain Vs. Tricky. There Match Was A Good Fast Pace Match With High-Flying Moves They Showed MXW What They Have To Show To Everyone That Wants To Go Against Them One Day. The Winner Of The Match Was None Other Than Adrain. After The Match SX Rocker And Warehouse Warrior Ran Into The Ring And Attack Tricky But Adrain Left The Ring And Did Not Help His Own Partner And Let Him Get The Icepick From Warehouse.


The Main Event Was For The Vacant MXW World Championship XJ Kahos Vs. Nightmare. These Two Fought As If They Were Wrestling For There Lives In The Ring. XJ Was Going After Nightmares Knee To Ware Him Down To Get The Title And In The End XJ Kahos Hit The Super Kick On Nightmare And Got The 3 Count And XJ Kahos Became The NEW MXW WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. XJ Doesn’t Remember That He Is Now Going To Have To Face Ravage April 2nd At Over-Ruled Judgment As That Happened The MXW GM Announced The Match For The MXW World Title Was Going To Be What XJ And Ravage Had Over 1 Year Ago Only Without Tacks A I Quit Match.

MXW Championship Massacre Results

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Here Are The Results From The February 6th,2011 Show


Championship Massacre The First Event To Have All The MXW Championships On The Line That Night But Only The Tag Team Championships Were Defended Due To The Chairman XJ Kahos Vaccating The MXW World And Xtreme Championship Belts.


The Opening Match Was SX Rocker Vs. Ravage At The End Of The Match XJ Kahos Ran In And Super Kicked SX Rocker When Rocker Had The Sharpshooter Locked On Ravage. The Match Was Called Off By DQ From An Interference.

After Warehouse Warrior Came To The Resue Of SX Rocker As RavagingKahos Were Stomping Away At SX Rokcer Both Men Left When Warehouse Told XJ His Match Was Next.


Second Match~Semi-Finals Of The Tournamnet

XJ Kahos Vs. Warhouse Warrior

The Two Men Fought It Out But Warehouse Nearly Broke XJ's Leg But During The Match XJ Had Some Distrations Ready For Warehouse And The Reff. Due To The Distrations And Ravage Hitting Warehouse In The Head With The Tag Team Belt XJ Hit The Superkick To Pick Up The Win And Advanced To The Finals At MXWMANIA.


Thrid Match~ Semi-Finals Of The Tournament

Ares vs. Nightmare

Ares Had Most The Advantage In The Begining Of The Match But Nightmare Would Overcome That When He Slamed Ares In A Little Pool With Lighttubes And Busted Ares Open As Nightmare Hit The Bad Dream On Ares On Multiple Weapons In The Middle Of The Ring Nightmare Advanced To The Finals To Face XJ Kahos At MXWMANIA For The Vaccant MXW World Championship. Afterwards Nightmare Called Out RavagingKahos And Nightmare Asked Why They Betrayed Him R.K Was Postive The Random Brackets Were Nightmare And Warehouse Warriors Plan To Have R.K Face Each Other. Afterwards Warhouse And Rocker Come Out And Beats Up R.K Then Nightmare Sets Up A Tag Team Match.


Main Event Tag Team Championships

RavagingKahos Vs. Warhouse Warrior And SX Rocker

This Match Was Made On The Spot From The General Manager Nightmare. The Tag Team Match For The Tag Team Championships. R.K Had The Advantage In The Begining But When Warhouse Went For XJ's Knee It Was Slowly Going Down And In The End Ravage Got A Unexpected Roll Up From SX Rocker When Ravage's Head Was Under The Bottom Rope As The Refere Did Not See It As Warhouse Warrior And SX Rocker Won The Tag Team Championship Belts.


February 26th,2011

TerrorZone TV

MXW Tag Team Championship Rematch

RavagingKahos Vs. Warehouse Warrior And SX Rocker

Will R.K Get Back Whats Rightfully Theres? Or Will Warehouse And SX Retain Find Out At TerrorZone TV Feb.26th


Next Month MARCH 5TH,2011

Main Event-MXW World Championship

XJ Kahos Vs. Nightmare

MXW New Years Revenge Results

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From What Happened At Last Weeks TerrorZone TV There Has Been Revenge For XJ To Make:

At The Beging Of The Show Warehouse Warrior Comes Out With The MXW World Title And The Xtreme Title

As Warehouse Warrior Talks About How He Took Care Of Nightmare And XJ The Chairman Comes Out And Interupts Warehouse And Announces That Since Warehouse Stole The Title XJ Kahos Has Decided To VACANT The MXW World Championship. XJ Also Announces That He Made Tournament With Random Brackets To Determine A New MXW World Champion At MXWMANIA. First Match Follows From XJ


Warehouse Warrior Is Pissed About The News As He Faces One Of XJ Kahos Recurits Ninjay In A Lumberjack Match.

As Ninjay Faces Warhouse He Finds Out That The Lumberjacks Are All Aganist Him And That His Chances Of Winning Are Slim. Warehouse Gets Pulled Out The Ring By XJ As All The Lumberjacks:XJ,Ravage,Nightmare,And SX Rocker Attack Then Throws Him Back In As Warhouse Gets To Beating Ninjay He Gets Thrown Out Again And Is Able To Knock All The Lumberjacks Out Of His Way And Gets Back In Without And Punishment To Him. Warhouse Gets Ninjat In A Submisson Hold When Ninjay Couldn't Handle It As Ninjay Taps Out When All Of A Sudden All Luberjacks Enter The Ring Including Ares To Beat The Holy Hell Out Of Warehouse Warrior. They Each Hit There Finishers On Warhouse. Warehouse Is Left In The Ring Laid Out From All The MXW Wrestlers Finishers. Warhouse Warrior Advances To THe Semi-Finals Of The Tuornament


Next Match Is A Hardcore Submission Match With Speical Guest Reffere Nighmare

XJ Kahos Enters As He Waits For His Opponet Of The Random Bracket

XJ Finds Out He Has To Face His Own Tag Team Partner Ravage

As The Bell Rings The Two Tag Teams Are In Disagree With The Match And Dont Want To Do It But Reff. Orders Them To As They Fight Ravage Gets The First Submission Hold In But XJ Gets Out.In The Match XJ Gets Busted Open When He Removed The Turnbuckle Padding. These Two Men Used Every Weapon They Could Find They Had So Much Chemistry Between Each Other But In The End XJ Had The STFU Locked On Ravage As He Tapped And The XJ Super Kicks The Reff For Thinking He Set The Match Up. AS XJ Advanced To The Semi-Finals With Warehouse Warrior


Match-3 Ares Vs. SX Rocker In A 4 Coners Of Hell Match

Each Coner Had A Weapon That Would Be Used To Deliver Hell To Their Opponnets

The Winner Of THe Match Was Ares After He Hit SX Rocker With A Swanton Off The Chair

As He Did Ares Advanced To The Semi-Finals


Match-4 Nightmare Vs. Dr.Wicke With Speical Guest Reffere-Ravage

These Two Had A Slow Beging Due To Dr.Wicked Spanish Speech But Towards The End Nightmare Was Able To Remove The Mask To Revel That It Was SX Rocker SX Tried To Leave The Ring XJ Caught Him And Threw Him Back In The Ring AS Nightmare Picked Up The Win To Advance To The Semi Finals WIth Ares

Afterwards Warehouse Warrior Ran In And Attacked Nightmare As All MXW Wrestlers Ran In To Help Nightmare But The Two Left Standing Where Warehouse Warroir And SX Rocker 


Here Are February 5th's Championship Massacre Semi-Final Matches

Warehouse Warrior VS. XJ Kahos

NIghtmare VS. Ares

MXW TerrorZone TV Ep.6

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Here Are Your Results From The January 21,2011

XJ Kahos Came Out And Announced That WWJ Was No Longer The Name Of His Company And That He Had Changed It To MXW-  Mid-West Xtreme Wrestling Federation.


Then XJ Calls Out Wicked J.

Wicked J Enters As XJ Announces Too That This Was Wicked J's Final Macth Of WWJ/MXW

XJ Said He Was Gonna Put Wicked J Through Hell.


*Wicked J Vs. Ares*

Wicked J Lost Over Ares But That Wasn't All

*XJ Kahos Vs. Wicked J*

The Owner XJ Beats Wicked J

Then Out Comes The WWJ/MXW Champ Nightmare  As He Beats Wicked J But Also For The Xtreme Title Too As XJ Comes Out To Unify The WWJ And MXW Xtreme Championships 

Afterwards A Beat Down By The Warehouse Warrior To Nightmare And He Takes The WWJ/MXW World Title What Will Be The Outcome At January 29th's New Year's Revenge Live Event?

Welcome To The New Company

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Welcome Ladies And Gentleman Juggalos And Juggalettes This Is The Brand New Website For MXW Mid-West Xtreme Federation Formely Know As WWJ World Wrestling Juggalos. This Is In Fact A New Era Of Pro Wrestling In Colorado Since Its 2011 Know MXW Will Offer The Best They Can In The Ring And Will Bring Some Crazy Shit,Hardcore Shit,High Flying Shit,And Hell Maybe Even Some Death Defying Shit In This State. So Be Prepared For Some Mid-West Xtreme Wrestling. Whoop Whoop