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MXW 2013 Update!

Posted on April 9, 2013 at 1:20 PM Comments comments (3)
Well MXW Fans The Behining Of 2013 Isn't Looking So Great Since Colorado Is A Pussy Bitch With Its Weather Changes Everyday It Seems And Snowy Weather Isn't Good For A Wrestling Ring So That's Why There's Nothing Going On With Matches. Once The Weather Can Get Better Which Better Be Soon MXW Will Have Its Videos And Everything Going Again And This Time We Are Serious When We Get Back In The Ring No Playing Around Or Crying About Anything MXW Is Coming Back And Its Going To Be Stronger Than Anything You Have Ever Seen Before So Be Prepared For Evolution In Colorado! Once Its Better You Will Find Out About It Here Or On The MXW FaceBook Pages.

News On Mile-High Xtreme Wrestling Federation

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Well Now Thats Its The End Of 2012 Its gonna Be A New Year In  2013 And We Will Be On the Return A High Returning For MXW So Were Going To Begin A New Again This Coming Year Were Going To Get Everything Up And Running Again With Everything From Our Youtube Videos Of TerrorZone Tvs, And Behind The Scenes Of MXW And Some Documentaries of MXW Wrestlers To Our Soical Media Networks (FaceBook,Twitter, And Tout) Plus We Will Have Our BlogTalk Radio Up And Runnng Again So Check Out Our Sites Fr Eveything We Have To Get The Up To News On Everything Going On Within MXW 2013.If anyone Knows Someone That Like Wrestling And Wants To Be Apart Of A Company MXW Is The Place To Join With Everything Being FREE.

Welcome To The New Company

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Welcome Ladies And Gentleman Juggalos And Juggalettes This Is The Brand New Website For MXW Mid-West Xtreme Federation Formely Know As WWJ World Wrestling Juggalos. This Is In Fact A New Era Of Pro Wrestling In Colorado Since Its 2011 Know MXW Will Offer The Best They Can In The Ring And Will Bring Some Crazy Shit,Hardcore Shit,High Flying Shit,And Hell Maybe Even Some Death Defying Shit In This State. So Be Prepared For Some Mid-West Xtreme Wrestling. Whoop Whoop