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MXW New Years Revenge Results

Posted on January 31, 2011 at 1:53 PM

From What Happened At Last Weeks TerrorZone TV There Has Been Revenge For XJ To Make:

At The Beging Of The Show Warehouse Warrior Comes Out With The MXW World Title And The Xtreme Title

As Warehouse Warrior Talks About How He Took Care Of Nightmare And XJ The Chairman Comes Out And Interupts Warehouse And Announces That Since Warehouse Stole The Title XJ Kahos Has Decided To VACANT The MXW World Championship. XJ Also Announces That He Made Tournament With Random Brackets To Determine A New MXW World Champion At MXWMANIA. First Match Follows From XJ


Warehouse Warrior Is Pissed About The News As He Faces One Of XJ Kahos Recurits Ninjay In A Lumberjack Match.

As Ninjay Faces Warhouse He Finds Out That The Lumberjacks Are All Aganist Him And That His Chances Of Winning Are Slim. Warehouse Gets Pulled Out The Ring By XJ As All The Lumberjacks:XJ,Ravage,Nightmare,And SX Rocker Attack Then Throws Him Back In As Warhouse Gets To Beating Ninjay He Gets Thrown Out Again And Is Able To Knock All The Lumberjacks Out Of His Way And Gets Back In Without And Punishment To Him. Warhouse Gets Ninjat In A Submisson Hold When Ninjay Couldn't Handle It As Ninjay Taps Out When All Of A Sudden All Luberjacks Enter The Ring Including Ares To Beat The Holy Hell Out Of Warehouse Warrior. They Each Hit There Finishers On Warhouse. Warehouse Is Left In The Ring Laid Out From All The MXW Wrestlers Finishers. Warhouse Warrior Advances To THe Semi-Finals Of The Tuornament


Next Match Is A Hardcore Submission Match With Speical Guest Reffere Nighmare

XJ Kahos Enters As He Waits For His Opponet Of The Random Bracket

XJ Finds Out He Has To Face His Own Tag Team Partner Ravage

As The Bell Rings The Two Tag Teams Are In Disagree With The Match And Dont Want To Do It But Reff. Orders Them To As They Fight Ravage Gets The First Submission Hold In But XJ Gets Out.In The Match XJ Gets Busted Open When He Removed The Turnbuckle Padding. These Two Men Used Every Weapon They Could Find They Had So Much Chemistry Between Each Other But In The End XJ Had The STFU Locked On Ravage As He Tapped And The XJ Super Kicks The Reff For Thinking He Set The Match Up. AS XJ Advanced To The Semi-Finals With Warehouse Warrior


Match-3 Ares Vs. SX Rocker In A 4 Coners Of Hell Match

Each Coner Had A Weapon That Would Be Used To Deliver Hell To Their Opponnets

The Winner Of THe Match Was Ares After He Hit SX Rocker With A Swanton Off The Chair

As He Did Ares Advanced To The Semi-Finals


Match-4 Nightmare Vs. Dr.Wicke With Speical Guest Reffere-Ravage

These Two Had A Slow Beging Due To Dr.Wicked Spanish Speech But Towards The End Nightmare Was Able To Remove The Mask To Revel That It Was SX Rocker SX Tried To Leave The Ring XJ Caught Him And Threw Him Back In The Ring AS Nightmare Picked Up The Win To Advance To The Semi Finals WIth Ares

Afterwards Warehouse Warrior Ran In And Attacked Nightmare As All MXW Wrestlers Ran In To Help Nightmare But The Two Left Standing Where Warehouse Warroir And SX Rocker 


Here Are February 5th's Championship Massacre Semi-Final Matches

Warehouse Warrior VS. XJ Kahos

NIghtmare VS. Ares

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