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MXW Championship Massacre Results

Posted on February 17, 2011 at 2:52 PM

Here Are The Results From The February 6th,2011 Show


Championship Massacre The First Event To Have All The MXW Championships On The Line That Night But Only The Tag Team Championships Were Defended Due To The Chairman XJ Kahos Vaccating The MXW World And Xtreme Championship Belts.


The Opening Match Was SX Rocker Vs. Ravage At The End Of The Match XJ Kahos Ran In And Super Kicked SX Rocker When Rocker Had The Sharpshooter Locked On Ravage. The Match Was Called Off By DQ From An Interference.

After Warehouse Warrior Came To The Resue Of SX Rocker As RavagingKahos Were Stomping Away At SX Rokcer Both Men Left When Warehouse Told XJ His Match Was Next.


Second Match~Semi-Finals Of The Tournamnet

XJ Kahos Vs. Warhouse Warrior

The Two Men Fought It Out But Warehouse Nearly Broke XJ's Leg But During The Match XJ Had Some Distrations Ready For Warehouse And The Reff. Due To The Distrations And Ravage Hitting Warehouse In The Head With The Tag Team Belt XJ Hit The Superkick To Pick Up The Win And Advanced To The Finals At MXWMANIA.


Thrid Match~ Semi-Finals Of The Tournament

Ares vs. Nightmare

Ares Had Most The Advantage In The Begining Of The Match But Nightmare Would Overcome That When He Slamed Ares In A Little Pool With Lighttubes And Busted Ares Open As Nightmare Hit The Bad Dream On Ares On Multiple Weapons In The Middle Of The Ring Nightmare Advanced To The Finals To Face XJ Kahos At MXWMANIA For The Vaccant MXW World Championship. Afterwards Nightmare Called Out RavagingKahos And Nightmare Asked Why They Betrayed Him R.K Was Postive The Random Brackets Were Nightmare And Warehouse Warriors Plan To Have R.K Face Each Other. Afterwards Warhouse And Rocker Come Out And Beats Up R.K Then Nightmare Sets Up A Tag Team Match.


Main Event Tag Team Championships

RavagingKahos Vs. Warhouse Warrior And SX Rocker

This Match Was Made On The Spot From The General Manager Nightmare. The Tag Team Match For The Tag Team Championships. R.K Had The Advantage In The Begining But When Warhouse Went For XJ's Knee It Was Slowly Going Down And In The End Ravage Got A Unexpected Roll Up From SX Rocker When Ravage's Head Was Under The Bottom Rope As The Refere Did Not See It As Warhouse Warrior And SX Rocker Won The Tag Team Championship Belts.


February 26th,2011

TerrorZone TV

MXW Tag Team Championship Rematch

RavagingKahos Vs. Warehouse Warrior And SX Rocker

Will R.K Get Back Whats Rightfully Theres? Or Will Warehouse And SX Retain Find Out At TerrorZone TV Feb.26th


Next Month MARCH 5TH,2011

Main Event-MXW World Championship

XJ Kahos Vs. Nightmare

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