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Posted on March 21, 2011 at 1:19 PM

The March 5th Show For MXW Was MXWMANIA Which Was The Biggest Event For MXW.


The Show Started Off With A Battle Royal Which Was For A Special Prize For The Winner Of The Battle Royal. All MXW Wrestlers Were Apart Of This With New Wrestlers Except XJ Kahos And Nightmare. There Were New Wrestlers Including: Relentless, Dante, And Former ABW Wrestlers Adrain Blaqueheart And Tricky Stycks. The Winner Of This Battle Royal Was None Other Than XJ Kahos Tag Team Partner Ravage. Afterwards The GM Of MXW Came Out And Announced That What Ravage Was Rewarded For The Battle Royal And It Was A #1 Contendership For The MXW World Championship At Over-Ruled Judgment Next Month.


Our Next Match Was For The MXW Tag Team Championship SX Rocker And Warehouse Warrior Are The Tag Team Champions And There Opponents Were None Other Than Adrain Blaqueheart And Tricky Stycks Second Heartbeat. There Seemed To Be A Problem With Warehouse And Rocker From The Battle Royal SX Rocker Eliminated His Own Tag Partner But In The Match They Worked It Out. These Two Teams Showed What They Had But In The End Warehouse Picked Up The Win And Rocker Celebrated As If He Picked Up The Win His Self.


Next Was A Hardcore Match For The Vacant MXW Xtreme Title Between Ares And Ravage. This Match Was Indeed A Hardcore Match They Started In The Ring But Ended Outside The Ring. They Use Everything They Could Get There Hands On, Ares Head Butted Ravage With A Lighttube, They Set Up Tables And Ares From The Apron Flipped Onto Ravage Through A Table And Ares Got The Three Count To Become The New MXW Xtreme Title.


The Two New Wrestlers Had There First Match Against Each Other Relentless Vs. Dante . There Match Had Some High-Flying And Lots Of Kicks In The End Relentless Picked Up The Win.


The Colorado Springs Former ABW Wrestlers Wrestled Each Other Adrain Vs. Tricky. There Match Was A Good Fast Pace Match With High-Flying Moves They Showed MXW What They Have To Show To Everyone That Wants To Go Against Them One Day. The Winner Of The Match Was None Other Than Adrain. After The Match SX Rocker And Warehouse Warrior Ran Into The Ring And Attack Tricky But Adrain Left The Ring And Did Not Help His Own Partner And Let Him Get The Icepick From Warehouse.


The Main Event Was For The Vacant MXW World Championship XJ Kahos Vs. Nightmare. These Two Fought As If They Were Wrestling For There Lives In The Ring. XJ Was Going After Nightmares Knee To Ware Him Down To Get The Title And In The End XJ Kahos Hit The Super Kick On Nightmare And Got The 3 Count And XJ Kahos Became The NEW MXW WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. XJ Doesn’t Remember That He Is Now Going To Have To Face Ravage April 2nd At Over-Ruled Judgment As That Happened The MXW GM Announced The Match For The MXW World Title Was Going To Be What XJ And Ravage Had Over 1 Year Ago Only Without Tacks A I Quit Match.

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