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Spring Wild Results

Posted on April 12, 2011 at 12:30 AM

MXW Spring Wild March 19th, 2011 Was The Spring Show For MXW. We Began Spring Wild With XJ Kahos MXW World Title Celebration In Which He Had Informed Everyone That He Created A Juggalo Fraction With Two Members Hektik And Dante. After Introducing His Members His First And Former Tag Team Partner Came Out To Wonder Why XJ Is Doing This. XJ Told Ravage And Said That Ravage Was Not On His Level Anymore So Now Theres A Match Between Them Tonight And The Special Reffere For That Match Was Picked By XJ Himself Which Was Hektick And Also At Over-Ruled Judgement April 2nd For The MXW World Title.

Our First Match Of The Night Was Adrain Blaqueheart Against SX Rocker. These Two Put On A Good Match With Adrain Hitting Rocker With A Superplex From The Top Turnbuckle. In the End Adrian Picked Up The Win With An Amazing Indy Kick To Rockers Head.

The Next Match Was A Strap On A Pole Match With Warehouse Warrior Against Hektick. Warehouse Had The Momentum In The Beginning And Got The Strap Off The Pole And Started To Whip Hektick When Dante And XJ Came To His Rescue And They Teamed Up And Hektick Whipped Warehouse The Three Ran Out The Ring When SX Rocker And Ravage Came To Warehouse Warrior’s Rescue.

Our Next Match Was A Hardcore Match For The Xtreme Championship With Ares Being The Xtreme Champ Against Dante. Ares Music Hits But He Didn’t Come Out And Dante Was Attacking Ares In The Back And Dante Got A Pinfall And Became Xtreme Champ When He Ran To The Ring Ares Soon Followed And They Started To Have Their Scheduled Match. Dante Had Ares Most The Match But In the End Ares Hit The Harvest On Dante To Win Back The Xtreme Title.

The Next Match Was Nightmare Vs. Relentless In A Submission Match. They Had Lots Of High-Flying Action With Lots Of Kicks From Relentless. Relentless Hit A Lionsault On Nightmare And Tried To Go For A Pin But Forgot That It Was A Submission Match And The Only Way To Win Was To Make Your Opponent Tap. Towards The End Nightmare Hit What Seemed To Be Called “The Cop Killa” And Locked In A “Anaconda Vise Grip” And Relentless Had No Choice But To Submit.

The Main Event Was XJ Khaos Vs. Ravage With The Special Guest Referee XJ’s Choice Hektick. This Match Was Indeed A Very Short Match. Every time Ravage Would Go For A Pin The Reff Would Not Notice It Until It Was To Late To Get A Pinfall. In The End Ravage Was In A Sleeper By XJ When Ravage Hit XJ With A Jawbreaker Which The Reff Checked XJ And Appeared To Give Him Something. XJ Rose Up And Knocked Ravage Out With Brass Knuckles And Hektick Made The Fast Three Count Giving XJ The Win.

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